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Moving Lakeville Forward

While the pandemic has slowed some commercial development in the region, Lakeville's residential growth has been strong. I will continue to support a full range of housing options in our community. I wanted to share a snapshot of recent growth based on some numbers from the last few years:

Building permit valuation

$301m - 2019 (all time record) $249m - 2018 $270m - 2017

Commercial & Industrial

$63m - 2019 $56m - 2018 $51m -2017

Nearly 40 businesses either expanded or opened in Lakeville in 2019

12 commercial ribbon cutting (24 total) 3 restaurant

5 medical office

2 housing

1 childcare 1 church

Business employment

18,119 - 2019 17,235 - 2018 17,297 - 2017 17,170 - 2016

As I've mentioned, I will continue to advocate for pro-growth policies that allow us to develop our community while maintaining our small town identity. This progress will allow our region to recover more quickly than others from the economic devastation of Covid19.

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