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Restoring our way of life

Over the past several months, I have taken an active role in assisting our residents and businesses recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. I am very proud of the work of the council did to allocate nearly $700,000 of federal CARES Act funds to be distributed to small businesses across our city.

Our effort was to target the smallest of organizations to help navigate some of the expenses incurred related to the pandemic. Moving forward, it will be extremely important that the city remains nimble and efficient to respond to the needs to our business community. I will continue to advocate for common-sense regulatory reform to allow our businesses to recover.

I am proud of the work the city staff and council has undertaken in response to help ease the burden on our local community as we rebuild our way of life and restore our economy. From expanding the size of patios at restaurants to voting to dedicate nearly $1 million in federal dollars to support our small businesses - each of these actions has helped lessen the impact the pandemic has had on us.

The City Council should always focus on the nuts and bolts issues, finding common ground with residents and businesses. Over the last three years, I have focused on three key areas including public safety, maintaining infrastructure, and keeping a lid on property taxes. I am also proud of the work we did to bring officer worn cameras to our department while prioritizing citizen and officer protection. If re-elected I will continue to focus on successes in these areas.

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