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Moving Lakeville Forward

A Commitment to Excellence

Public Safety

Lakeville continues to be the fastest growing city in Minnesota and recently surpassed 70,000 residents.  Beyond our parks, natural resources, and schools people choose Lakeville because it's a safe place to raise a family.  Hellier has supported an increase in the city's public safety budget each year on Council and plans to ensure public safety is his top priority.

Practical Ideas

For a city to serve its community, government should be easily accessible for all residents.  Elected officials should strive for transparency.  Investments in infrastructure should be critically evaluated to ensure taxpayer dollars are well-spent.  Since being elected, Hellier has voted to streamline city operations and support the sound fiscal policy that has allowed Lakeville to have the lowest property tax rate in Dakota County.  With responsible budgeting, the city has also undertaken significant infrastructure and road projects supported by Hellier.

Furthermore, as we continue to rebuild our economy following the pandemic, it's crucial for the city to continue to expand its relationship with job creators to diversify our economy and build tomorrow's workforce.

Moving Lakeville Forward

 Luke will continue to help Lakeville transition to a future with connected and thriving communities.  Lakeville should be a place that supports families as they raise their children, as well as help seniors stay in the community throughout retirement.

Hellier plans to continue efforts to transform local government to be more transparent and accessible while enacting reforms for more efficient and effective government to benefit taxpayers.

Community Ties

Luke Hellier attended Lake Marion Elementary School, Kenwood Trail Junior High School, and is a graduate of Lakeville High School.  Hellier previously served on the Dakota County Planning Commission and ISD194 Long Term Facilities Planning Committee. He’s also an active volunteer with the Lakeville Public Safety Foundation. Luke works for a public relations firm in Minneapolis and lives near Crystal Lake with his wife, Josi, and children Betty, Annie, and Walter. The Helliers attend Family of Christ Lutheran Church.

Moving Lakeville Forward: Bio
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